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Bill Proctor was a theatre owner in America’s heartland during the 1950s and 1960s. Starting at an early age, Bill’s son Bruce helped work the concession counters at his dad’s theatres, standing on a box to reach the popcorn kettle before he was tall enough to reach it on his own.

Although it was a small family business, Bill Proctor was already beginning to think big. In 1963, he sold his theatres to serve as the Director of Concessions for a national circuit. Then, in 1971, he stepped out on his own (again) to form Proctor Companies. Bill’s simple goal was to introduce more functional designs and more efficient systems to the cinema concessions industry. This goal proved to be visionary.

Today, nearly five decades later, Proctor Companies still stands at the forefront of design/build services to cinemas across the U.S. and throughout the world. Bruce Proctor, the kid who was once too short to reach the popcorn kettle, now serves as president, drawing on the deep well of knowledge he gained growing up in the industry to position Proctor Companies at the cutting edge of concession innovation.

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Young Bruce Proctor
Bill Proctor, founder of Proctor
Companies, circa 1945.

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