#1 Review

We collaborate with the owner/operator to articulate the goals of the project.

#2 Timeline

 We create a reasonable project timeline that works for everyone involved.

#3 Design

Our experienced designers utilize the project goals to inform overall layout, space planning and design.

#4 Estimating

Our process produces accurate, comprehensive, easy-to-understand line item proposals–with no surprises!

#5 Coordination

We generate electrical and plumbing drawings as well as specification charts to contractors.

#6 Fabrication

We produce millwork and other components to exacting CAD-CAM standards and test fit them before shipment.

#7 Installation

Components, equipment, fixtures and furniture are placed and secured by our expert carpenters and installers.

#8 Support

For parts, support, repairs, or just some helpful advice, give us a call at 800-221-3699. We’re the best in the business!

Proctor Training Video

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